Thursday, 30 June 2016

speed test

Today on Speed test my score is 44.I am typing even faster than I usually do because I am focusing on what word I am typing so next time I am willing to try to get 50.


Today on Prototec timed I have scored 52/60.I am getting lower scores because I have been focusing on what score I am going to get instead of thinking of the equations I get on timed.I am trying my hardest to get higher than 52/60 to be able to get on stage 6.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Typing speed test

Today on typing speed test my score is 43.My score is the highest score on my typing because I have done a lot of practising at home.The only thing I need to learn on typing is to know how to type soft so I can type faster.

On Monday my score was 39 and I have learned how to type fast as well as today.All I need to learn is to type faster so I can get an higher score to earn an achievement.