Friday, 19 August 2016

What I have learned about fractions.

I learnt how to use repeated addition to solve part unknown problems
numerators = one or bigger then one
In fractions I have learned what the denominator and numerator means.

The denominator tells us how many parts the whole is divided into and the numerator keeps track of the number of parts.

Secondly I have learnt how to equal my fractions of a whole

This is my example:
1.¾ of 24 =12
2.¾ of 8 =6
3.⅜ of 80=30
4.2/6 of 36=12
5.½ of 12=6


Today on prototec 0-10 my score today was 40/66 and I have been practising my timetables at home and at school, what I really need to learn is my find/dividend/divisor.On Monday my score was the same as today 40/66 and I was trying to make a better score today and need to learn the same as today.