Thursday, 31 May 2018

Electricity Circuit

Thursday 31 May
Experiment on circuit.
Our experiment today was all about making a circuit. We used a tin foil , LED light , Battery and paper. I worked with Helena and Laki. This is not really how we were supposed to make the light turn on. The light is supposed to turn on without touching the battery. We didn't know how to do that so we just took the paper out because it was no use and it would not work with the paper. We put the LED light in between the battery and covered it with tin foil. 
This experiment was very hard but was also interesting because another group and found out how they can do it without the two objects touching each other. 
Next time I can use what the other group had done to make my LED light turn on. 

Friday, 25 May 2018

Compensation strategy

Friday 25 May

Today in this google drawing I have presented how to solve a problem by using the compensation strategy.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Basic Facts

Tuesday 22 May

Today on Prototec Basic Facts I have got the result of 30/40. I have improved.  On Fractions and Percentages I got 3/10 and the rest I got 9/10. I am still learning my Fractions and Percentages. Next time I will try my best and think about the equation.

Thursday, 3 May 2018


Thursday 3rd May

What happened at technology ? :

My Thoughts

Today at technology , I have learnt many new things , tech was also a very bad day ,
It was a bad day because my group and the Ruapotaka group got in trouble from Ruapotaka teacher , she thought that we made Mr Pineda clean the rubbish on the floor but it was because of Ruapotaka , they were just watching us St Pius students clean the floor , Mr Pineda got angry at the Ruapotaka people , he told us to move and stand in the line with the Ruapotaka students and then he cleaned the floor and screamed at them but the Ruapotaka teacher thought it was also us and growled us for no reason , then told Mrs Tui that we weren’t helping out with the cleaning.
I have learnt how to make a 3D heart with paper / Paper Mache , glue , cardboard and tape , all you have to do is get a cardboard and place it on a hard surface , you then get a paper and scrunch it up into a stick shape , you then twist the top so that it can be half of the heart shape , you then tape the whole thing , you repeat the steps , you then tape them both together , you put it on the cardboard and glue some paper over the whole thing to make it stick to the cardboard , this is where I finished my project but I am still working on it.