Friday, 17 August 2018

100 words challenge

In my writing I have learned to write my punctuations right , I have also learned to interestingly.
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CHARACTERS: Myself , Helena , Claudia , Ewan , Mei , Aaliyah , Kiko , Vika
SETTINGS: Haunted school
PROBLEM: Ewan falls onto knives and kills himself , Claudia starts choking herself  and dies , Mei flies to the wall and then the lights fall on her and she gets squashed , Aaliyah gets scared and cries , , Vikas hair moves around and circles her neck and chokes her and she faints. Joseph jumps up once and the big whiteboard falls on him , his blood makes the wires wet and he get electrocuted burning all his fat.
SOLUTION: Helena and Trina run out and escaped without anything happening to them , Aaliyah and Kiko follow.

“Guys I don’t think we should be here in this scary haunted school , it’s restricted anyways” Aaliyah trembled as her teeth chattered  , “why so scared ? , stop being so boring , just follow and stop complaining before something happens to you already! ” Helena yelled. “Helena’s right , plus we already came this far , we can’t turn back” Ewan exclaimed.
Mei , Kiko , Vika , Claudia and I were in the front leading the way to the school. Once we got to the school we could already see spider webs on the corner of the building , doors open , windows covered in dust and dirt.
“U-uhm I don’t think this is a good idea , let’s go back before we all d-die”.  “Shut up Claudia before you die first!” Kiko shouted roughly.
We walked into a quite small classroom , wood scattered all around the floor , wallpaper ripped off and lights twitching - on and off.
“HELP!!!!!” I hear Ewans voice coming from the other room , we all run out to the other room and all we see is Ewan’s body slowly going down through knives that were standing straight up. “Oh my GOSH!” , I look to the left and see Aaliyah crying , “ stop crying you're making everything worse!” I said. “ He must’ve fell ahahaha “ Claudia chuckled. “Shut up , this isn’t funny , just hope you're not dead next!” Helena groaned.
We all walk out , “STOP!” I said , “where is Mei?!”. “Everybody split up! , Me and Helena; Kiko you go with Claudia , Vika and Aaliyah!” “pfft ok , girl power” Kiko sneered as he rolled his eyes.
After a few minutes of going through the other classes…
“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” , I hear Aaliyah’s voice from the bathroom.
Helena and I quickly take off , once we got to the bathroom we could see the lights on top of Mei squashing her flat into her death. “Okay! , I think we SHOULD get out instantly because this is getting a bit to far!” , “Like I-I s-said , lets hurry up before another tragedy happens already !” Aaliyah snapped.
“I think it’s too late for that!” Helena shouted , I look back to see Vika on the floor with a metal stick halfway down her mouth , there was also a bit of blood sogging out. “Helena you're dad is a doctor right ? can you check her heartbeat” I asked , “ sure can do “ she replied. She got down on her knees and checked her heart beat…. She looks right back up at us with a sad face , “s-sorry guys” she mumbled. “You know what let’s just leave” I sighed.
When we got out of the school we called see our friend Joseph. I wondered how he got here.
Joseph went to the door and jumps up once and the big whiteboard falls on him , his blood makes the wires from the walls wet and he get electrocuted burning all his fat.
“EW!” I shouted in disgust
As soon as we left I realised that Helena , Kiko , Claudia , Aaliyah and I were still alive.
“I guess Satan didn’t like the other 3” Claudia laughed. “Shut up!” Helena yelled.
Once we got home I straight away ran to the phone and called 911. I told them to go to the Haunted school.

Once everything was over I thought , well at least most of us made it alive!

Early Church

Friday 17th August


Thursday, 16 August 2018


Thursday 16th August
Learn: I am learning to describe the
 Early Church Communities stated in Acts 2:43-47

Friday, 10 August 2018


Today during maths , my maths group has been learning about finding a fraction of a number.
Here is a video of me explaining 3/4 of 24.

Character web study

During this week my reading group has been learning
 to describe and get to know our main character from a book. 
My group has gotten different books but all made by the same author; Gary Crew. 
Here is my character description about "The Water Tower":

Everyday Theatre: Reflection

Two ladies from Everyday Theatre came to Room 7 yesterday.
They performed a drama of a family situation.
The main character is T who is a boy. It was a complicated
family situation and we felt sorry for this family.

We learnt the importance of having to talk to someone when situations
at home is not safe for us.

This is some of our thoughts about our experience:

Friday, 3 August 2018

My best learning

Here is my best learning so far this week.

Learn: I am able to recognise my best learning this week