Friday, 23 September 2016

Grandparents poem

Today for grandparents day I have made up my own acrostic poem for my grandma because she has been supportive to me and she has been comforting me at home.

S-haring all your funny jokes to make me smile and giggle when I am unhappy

E-verlasting smiles from you that take me to a-new world like smiling land

In-love with all your food that you make for me

N-oisy snoring sounds you make when you sleep while having a dream about us two

I-rresistible love that we make together!!

Love from your wonderful granddaughter!


Today I have got the same wpm as Monday and today I have got 57,
I am typing really fast and I am practising my typing every day.For typing I am willing to try my best to get to get over 57.

Time tables

Today on time tables prototec I have got 48/66 and I have got a higher score than the score I got from Monday.I am trying my hardest to focus on what equation I am thinking about.
On Monday I had 44/66 and I was learning mt multiplication and fin dividend/divisor.