Friday, 15 April 2016

Reading Diary.


                           Reading diary

The time I became an criminal.

On a hot sunny day, my family and I went into our rooms to get changed so that we can go to the shops and get some food.

My mum went out of the car,got into the store and bought lollies, chocolate, chips, ice-cream, and pizza.

Next she came into the car and drove down to Mission Bay.

When we got to the beach, we all rushed out of the car and played games with the ball.
When we got bored playing so we just went and hopped in the  water and started throwing the ball.

After a little while we ran to the food and ate the pizza and the lollies.

When we finished we went on the road excitingly because there was no cars on the road.
I kept on throwing rocks at people when they came pass me.The people that I hit were trying to hit me back with their own shoes so I ran and got my bottle to wet them.

While i was doing that I found a sharp knife laying on the ground right next to me so I picked it up and threw it very hard.It cut one of the ladies neck open.I got very scared so I just pretend I did not do it.

No one took any notice of the person I cut so I just stood up laughing.

The person that I cut knew it was me so she took the knife off her neck and tried to throw it at me but she kept on missing.

I ran and slapped her on the face and she started crying so I just kept on laughing at her.

She had to go to the hospital and my family and I needed to go back home.

When we got back home I started cracking every plate and cups in the kitchen because I thought it would be fun.My mum came down stairs and started cracking it with me.

Next I went into my sister’s room and stole all of her ice blocks.

She got very angry at me so she got a chair and smashed it on my head and I had a seriously bad head damage so I had to go to the hospital.

When I got there I saw the lady that I cut,I had a really bad day.
The lady that I cut was trying to kill me but the doctor came and saved me.

The lady I cut was dying so I smiled very big but the next day I died as well.My family was really sad except my sister.

I got buried but I was called a criminal.

This is my narritive writing and I came up with this story when I had a dream about it so I started writing about it.

Thursday, 14 April 2016


Today on timed I have got 45/60 so on sheet I have to do the ones I got wrong like the ones lower than 10/10 so on sheet I have got  28/60.I will remind myself to work harder to get 60/60 on timed.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Speed test.

Today my score is 36 because when I am typing I am always focusing and trying to get better to type as fast as I can.

Basic facts

On Monday,timed I got 40/60 on prototec I need to work on my groupings with hundreds divisions and my subtractions.
Today my score on timed is 41/60.I need to work on my groupings with hundreds,subtractions and my additions.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Saint Patrick day writing.

On saint Patrick day I felt like I won’t be lonely and i felt happy.I felt happy because I like staying around people because they always smile at me.

I felt comfortable sitting next to my soul friend because she always plays with me and smiles at me.

I felt happy and excited sharing lunch because I like sharing with others.

The food we had was chips,drinks and biscuits.My favourite was the biscuits,It tastes cheesy.The drink  I got had a lot of chocolate in it.
The chips taste like chicken.I really enjoyed it because I like spending time with my soul friend.
I like spending time with my soul friend because she always talks and smiles at me.Screenshot 2016-04-04 at 11.57.13.png
We are learning to write a recount using our personal voice.I used my personal voice in my writing when I describe?

Friday, 1 April 2016

speed test

Today my score is 32.I will practise my typing test everyday to get better.

Basic facts

 Today on sheet my score is 47/60 and on timed my score is 39/60,On prototec I need to learn my groupings with hundreds.